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                                            March 14 2015  River Queen  Malta Ohio

                                            April 4th Athens Amvets    Athens Ohio  8-12am

                                            April 12 Private Party 2pm-7pm Athens Ohio

                                            April 17  Handle Bar   Sugar Grove Ohio 8-12am

                                            April 24 Buckeye Lake VFW  7:30 - 11:30

                                            April 25 Nelsonville  VFW 8-12

                                            May 10 Rocky Boots Grill Nelsonville  TTBA

                                            May 16 Chauncey AmVets 8-12

                                            May 23  River Queen  Malta Ohio  8:30-12am 

                                            June 6   Uncle Kennys Saloon  Gallipolis  9-1230  

                                            June 13 Mansfield VFW   8-12 

                                            June 28  Riverside Cafe   Zanesville OH  2-6pm

                                            July 9 thru 12  OFF

                                            July 25  Difieance OhioVFW 8- 12                                       

                                            Aug 7 Mason WV  VFW 8-12


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 We are now a 5 piece group. We added Alex Faulkner lead guitarist and vocalist with a whole line up of new songs



The R and B Station Bio:

Alex Faulkner, He is our new kid on the block. He sings, plays bass, guitar ,drums, banjo, He has been singing and playing since the age of 8. He is originally from Charleston WVA, He and his wife now reside in Akron Ohio, Mike Price the 2nd guitar player has been playing since the age of 6 years old, He had his own horn band at the age of 10, At the age of 11, He was playing in Toledo Ohio with Little Stevie Wonder. Mike Price and I met when he was 13 and have been together for 52 yrs. Mike is also a vocalist, He and his wife reside in Rutland Ohio. Mike Tucker is our keyboard player, and bass player. He to has played over 50 years, He grew up playing concert piano, When he became a teen, he got into all the top 40 music, He has played through out the US and Canada, Tucker has been with the R&B Station for over 25 years. , Mike Doughty, the originator of the R&B station drummer, bass player, guitar player, and keys. Started playing in Jr. High School at the age of 12, Formed his first dance band in 1963, Mike joined the military in 1965, where he formed a ships band where they played all over the south pacific. Mike now lives in Athens Ohio where the R&B Station is home ported out of. In 1997 The R&B Station met Shirley King the daughter of bluesmen BB King. Shirley and the R&B Station played on the road together for 13 years. The still play together occasionally. The last picture is the R&B Station in 2004, with Mark Pender trumpet player for Bruce Springsteen and Conan Obrien, Mark and The R&B Station met in Cherokee Iowa at the Winter Jazz and Blues Festival. We have remained friends through out the years and play together about 2 times a year. The R&B Station has played Casinos in Michigan, played Chrystal Mountain, Boyne Mountain Ski Resort,, Mackinaw Island. , The R&B Station was also a favorite of the Fat Fish Blue, in Toledo Ohio, Cleveland Ohio and New Port Kentucky. When Kerry Underwood turned 21, We were ask to play for her party at the Fat Fish Blue in Cleveland Ohio. Which we felt very privileged.Like · Comment ·










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                                         Our latest Video  Shelter In The Storm
                                           Words written by Linda  and John Circirclio from New York


Contact Mike





740-664 4182



    Athens County 8th annual Jazz and Blues Festival will  be held

    March 14 and 15 2014


        You may make donations at The Ohio University Credit Union,

       under Music In The Schools account

  For more information call MIke Doughty


        For more R&B Station go to link below!




The New Rock & Roll Blues Revue
5512 Foxlake Road
Athens, OH 45701-9265
United States

ph: 740-593-5867
fax: 740-664-4182





The New Rock & Roll Blues Revue
5512 Foxlake Road
Athens, OH 45701-9265
United States

ph: 740-593-5867
fax: 740-664-4182