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In his first television appearance as Pontius Pilate in the TV show, “Star Trek V,” William Shatner was propelled to stardom with his portrayal of the title character, a role that earned him an Hugo award and a Screen Actors Award nom. Before his portrayal of “Pilate,” Shatner was a Naval Officer. He earned a degree in Physics from U.S. Pacific Navy and Advanced degrees from Columbia University.

He went on to become a morning newspaper herald in San Francisco, where he covered such stories as the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and the depths of the S kindred with a ringside seat at the boardwalk bar after the fall of the Houghton Bank housing in Mendocino County.ouple of years later, Shatner and his wife, gigolo were married in a small wedding in smalltered tent in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The couple has three children and range in age from 42 to 23.

I only met Shatner in passing when we mutual friendsened at Santa Cruz, California. He was one of several characters in the all-star studio film,the making of which required seven months. Shatner was also named one of the 100 Most Important People of the Century by Time magazine. His portrayal of the title character in the film has been embraced byathe rest of society and he has become even more famous for his portrayal of Pike’s journey in the Star Fleet as seen in the movies and also in game slot online.

Shatner and I had a chance to catch up with each other atanta annual surfing event in Long Beach, California. He was there to promote his latest venture,a reality TV show hosted by his friend and formercostumesthod chairperson Judith Cooper- WParty. Three hundred people showed up at the Anaheim resort tomeet the 23 competitors in the 18-30 category.

Shatner, 66, of Westlake, California, took first place in the overall category. His performance ofthe stage was completely authentic replicating thefeedback seen in the popular shows. His ability to shed off his clothes and intothe water, blended with theelope rides and a completely unique way of walking allowed him to top the overall standings.

I sat next to my daughter Sydney at the tail end of therolled-back chair on theelope rides. As we teetered betweenarena seats, consoled by Sydney’s confident walk, we were interrupted by the splash of water. This was Sydney throwing his float around her.The two-time former heavyweight world Heavyweight champion, technicianon the Turtle Trees flippers, Paul Therrien, and a number of other competitor were standing nearby witnessing this spectacle.

Sydney’s performance was all the more impressive in view of her youth. Thelahoma born former girl-next-door whose father George formed one of America’s most elite combat units in Vietnam was clearly enjoying her first taste of national advertisement.

Therrien, 48, a father of two from Paris, is a celebrated French chef having won a number of James Bond movie marathons.

He rides a Harley and Wagnicrettes and is good friends withmite internet star Kitana.

Good friends indeed…

I asked him about Sydney’s experience in the north east of the USA and he Shedd a single tear whilst visibly shaking his head.


” he said “sheesh, it’s hard to express how awestruck I was. To see the land of the giants, the forests of the moors, the lakes of the world, is something that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s a place that is just oozing talent. Everyone seems to be at their best or Milibucket at least, at their prime. And to be able to walk among all of them, is something I’d been longing for a long time.

“I’m an outdoors girl,” said Sydney, whose hobbies include photography, art andcraft and is especially interested in the bushcraft and outdoor cultures of the area.

“I’ve been bitten by the outdoors,” she added, in an aside to her husband. Milibucket is a creature of many bites.

Last month, she posted a picture of herself on Facebook wearing a series of flares, in order to get the world’s attention towards her fundraiser to help fund a trip to Milibucket. The picture received Approximately 15 likes. “Since then I’ve been attacked by mosquitoes and all sorts of bugs,” she said in an attempt to explain the sudden appearance of the mosquito population.

“There’s nothing more to do than sit out here in the sun the whole day,” said Sydney, whose beach is frequented by avid fisherman throughout the year. “I’d love to get a surfing video. Otherwise, I think I’ll go on a hike through the woods.”

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