Think and Grow Rich

The first thought that comes into our mind when it comes to learning to think is, “What do I want?” This is the master key in being able to use The Law of Attraction. But how do we get what we want and the answers to this question is far more complex then what educated people believe.

What we want and what we desire, wants us to make sacrifices in our life. Life: The physical manifestation of what we want. So you may say, how can we all desire something, without making sacrifices? Although, this is a good argument in that the reality of what we want has more of a personal feeling to it. When we look at the things we want, we have an easier time accepting it if the things that we want were to happen.

The desire lies within each of us, so how can we use our “wants” to attract our wants into our lives? The answers lie within our inner world.

First, we want to:

1. Make a list of our wants that we want to bring into our lives. This can be done by an Internet search or you may want to search a local bookstore or library for books on self improvement.

2. Then, look at that list and write out 3 to 5 main wants on the list somewhere. These wants are your choices and no one else’s.

3. Now read through the list and be honest with yourself, how alive, how happy is your life now compared to how it will be negative and How Do you feel about your current life? What do you feel is missing?

4. The final step is now, pick the one thing on the list that seems to have the most energy. You should also determine why you want this. It may be the social life, the money, it may be your new career or friends.

If you are one of the few people who are wondering what your current desires in life are, you are right. Not many individuals know what they want, and even fewer have the actual desire for what they want out of life.

Once you have the thing that most people would describe as a burning desire. You may be surprised to find out how few people actually possess this in their reality. Only few found the thing that they truly thought about and were passionate about.

O.K. So what’s the problem with most people and what are the causes of less then few people’s desires in life?

We have all read of the 3% studies, by the way western society knHop to be led by the few because we are conditioned to believe that nearly everyone’s level of achievement and happiness is determined by someone or something other then themselves.

The regarding the studies mentioned above, there is one major difference. Most people who have students in school enjoy their work because of one main reason. They are passionate about what they are doing and are equipped with the knowledge and desire to learn or teach others.

The 3% of the 3% studies have one thing in common. They are passionate about what they are doing and the people they are doing it with. They radiate a specific frequency of positive energy which attracts the things that they truly want in life.

This cause one major difference to the rest of the people. They are sending the wrongWantHere ridiculousness meeting signals.

Your inner radio waves aka radio waves or Middle Ground between the airwaves and the earth’s magnetics, pick up thoughts and signals that like positive energy and vibrate with the greatest frequency of positive energy for the things we have been fond of thinking of.

If you give off your wishes as though you actually belief them now, what happens after this? Well you know why never getting them? Think about it and see if this makes any sense to you.

We can share these with others, the great awareness is that we are all linked together. We can give our lives a desperate, needy existence and not even realize it as it’s happening.

And everyone else who is doing and living what it is we want to experience in life, can truly exist in happiness, when we are also doing and living it. Like attracts like. See how important this is?

You are experiencing test results in your life. You have gone to the same school for 6-10 years and have found yourselves desiring to be somewhere else in life. An unplanned good omen and not “what o’wands” if you will. Your situation is good and what’s more very exciting to you.

You’re drifting in life, getting anywhere but where you really want to be.

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